Focusing on bringing back what has been lost! The ABC's of business

DEFINITIONS of key words I use for total Clarity

(For all parties concerned; You reading this, Employee's & Management)

What Is?

A Customer:

Is Absolute King for all we Endeavor

  • Basic common sense dictates the fact "without customers" you have no business.

An Employee / Staff Member:

Is Management's Representative to it's Public  ​(The Customer)

  • Every employee is a direct representative to every customer of managements policy, procedures, ideas & methods.


This word applies to everyone!

  • Profit for the Customer is where it starts.  If the customer is pleased with the overall experience, the customer has realized a profit.
  • The employee doing a good job realizes a profit as they get a paycheck, or tips due to the customer realizing their profit.
  • The Owner/Management only then realizes a profit when the customer & Employee have realized theirs.